His Hands

A Poem by Mahogany Centric a Survivor of Rape and Domestic Violence

He was born a man that possessed 10 toes, 10 fingers, two feet and two hands.  With his hands he could teach the world a trade or something as simple as picking up a book to read. He had no desire to use his hands to groom himself or to defend someone’s honor.  He did not want to protect his pride.  This man who possesses two hands can calm a child.  With the slightest touch he can sooth a cry.  But with so many reasons to use to his hands for good he chose to use his hands to inflict pain


This poem is dedicated to victim’s and survivor’s everywhere.  If you are in an abusive relationship or your feel unsafe there is help. Please dial 911.  If you are a Survivor of any type of abuse, first I’d like to say Congratulations!!  Please continue to stay safe and free.  Second, your job is not done.  Join the fight by sharing your story and helping someone else start their journey to healing.

Peace and many Blessings to You!

Mahogany Centric


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