I will not share images & links to my page about the #altright #aryan #panism news .  If you ask me, the media is playing a huge part in all of this bullshit.  Sharing their stories just keeps them relevant.  I refuse to sensationalize the existence & behaviors of racial hatred and ignorance.  I do not support racism of any sorts on any level.  What happened in #charlottesvile was a disgusting reality of how #America was founded and still operates to this day.  From #slavery to the #civilrightsmovement. Don’t be in denial. #racism is real and still exists. Just remember that under those hoods & white cloaks disguised the faces of many.  Their your neighbors,  law-makers, judges,  doctors,  teachers your local corner store owners and the list goes on.  Not everyone who is of Caucasian descent is racist and that is a welcoming and more importantly comforting fact. And to anyone who is not racist and has genuine love in their hearts,  I love you too and I appreciate you.  

When I saw the video I was stunned and agitated.  I asked myself a few questions as did many American people probably did. But there was a very important question and that was “Where’s the government?”  I’ll tell you where they were.  They were indoors watching and knowing that this problem was afront.  Don’t be blind to the foolishness.  These people had a permit from the City as a legal protest and our wonderful president stated that they followed the law of having a right to assemble,  but I thought the violation of civil rights was illegal? Didn’t you think that too? Who is the clerk who processed the application and did they inform the FBI?  Isn’t that the protocol? 

You want change,  then stop the bullshit. African-Americans are involved in two wars at the same damn time.  Wars against ourselves and a racial injustice that we all have been born into from the inception of the slave trade.  Start uniting for peace.  Go to school to be a lawyer, a doctor,  a teacher,  a home owner and gain control of our neighborhoods and our children.  Run for a seat in your town,  city & state elections.  Band together in every Neighborhood and create your neighborhood organization and starting hosting Activities and events that promote education & safety.  Employment opportunities. Put yourselves in a better position as a whole, financially.  It takes money to fight.  

Taking down the statues of slave holders,  slave traders who were prominent people in our society i.e Former US Presidents and War Heroes is a clear message that the citizens of America no longer want to be associated with evil and America has glorified the heinous, sick culture of America’s history.  

The protest which was organized by Jason Kessler was clearly to promote hate.  Wake the hell up people this entire rally was ORGANIZED CRIME. 

Do you truly understand the disadvantages that are right here in your own backyard that if you started the process to fix could potentially be profound?


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