Survivors Creed

Written by
LaDawn B.

2018 Will be the Year of Survivors.

FB_IMG_1516528804345We will not celebrate our trauma instead we will exemplify being courageous and strong. We will take our pain and our story to expose the hidden secrets and human filth that tried to steal our inner being. We will hold on to our prize possession of dignity. We will be shameless in the eyes of many. We will hold the accused accountable for their transgressions. We will no longer carry the burden of silence. We will deny the stronghold of generational curses. We will be fearless. Our spirits will not be broken. We will take our time while we pick up the pieces to life’s puzzle. We will release the stresses of indecisiveness. We will mend our hearts and put our minds at ease because we will know that our time will come. We will Live, Laugh and Love according to our own will. We will not accept indecorous acts. We will not ask for our right to be Free. We will be Free from harm. Free from injustice. Free from Humiliation. We will stand in solidarity. We will hold our heads up high and scream to the world that we are still standing. We will scream the injustice that has been forced upon us for so long. We will not be meek or weary. We will not be victims anymore. We will inspire and motivate. We will agitate the non-believers. We will not just scratch the surface of speaking up but will dig deep until we get to our hidden treasure of healing.


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